Kolja & Sander

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Kolja & Sander Kolja & Sander

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Kolja & Sander

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Graffiti 2 features pretty boy cover stud Jacques Briere and hunky newbie Colin Hewitt in a true Bel Ami blockbuster. The boys get the adrenaline pumping with a spirited game of paintball, and they are going to need all of that energy for the sex that comes after. It is boy versus boy on the field but they are all lovers once the game is over. Five scenes and tons of action! In the opener, the Bel Ami team are engaged in a sweaty game of paintball inside an abandoned building. Luke and Sean peel off from the team and begin a passionate makeout session almost immediately. Luke uses his pierced tongue for added pleasure, sucks on Sean's nipples and expertly strips him down. He maintains electric body contact with Sean as he sucks cock slowly and deliberately. Sean is instantly erect. Luke licks his balls and deep-throats him until he cums.Sean returns the oral favors to Luke. And when they fuck it is Luke who grinds his hips into Sean, fucking him on his back, on a chair, with short, quick jabs. They switch positions so Sean can ride his confident partner. Then they fuck doggy-style, with more aggression, until Luke shoots his well-earned load onto Sean's worked-over buns. Henri and Ennio take some time away from the heat of battle and kiss hungrily. Ennio jacks Henri until he is erect and then goes right down on his delicious cock until he cums. When it is time for Henri to return the favour he is aggressive about it, licking the shaft and slurpily covering every inch.Ennio slides his thick boner into Henri and the camera captures his muscled thighs and tight bum as he thrusts in and out, taking his partner on his back and later on his hands and knees. Ennio swivels his hips and brings himself to orgasm as he happily gives Henri a thick facial. The ongoing paintball war leads to Todd, tight and compact, vigorously sucking off the tall, blond and beautiful Dolph. Then they switch, with Dolph on his knees to more efficiently deep-throat his partner.The two gorgeous young men kiss and rub each other's naked bodies, their erections stiff, as they prepare to make love. Dolph takes Todd on all fours and then reverse cowboy, eagerly and hungrily plowing into him and expending his passion. The end their special work-out session by jacking side-by-side until each pop a lovely load. Jacque and Colin are separated from their paintball group. So they stop to have some sex! They kiss sweetly to get started. Jacques is lean and handsome, with shaggy hair and a playful demeanor that he displays to Colin as they strip. Colin is fit and sexy and a little bit shy. He has a perfectly sized boner for Jacques and their oral play leads to Todd shooting a load across his partner's chest.Todd now sucks off his pal as he sits on a mattress, his legs spread. They kiss, jack each other and share the intimate moment. In fact, their chemistry almost bubbles off the screen. Jacques makes love to Todd doggy-style, teasing his hole. The young men fuck in more positions as they explore their physical connection. Jacques is so turned on his blows a giant load on Todd's flat belly and up his chest, even catching him by surprise as he fires a rope of semen that lands in his face and eye! They happily kiss to close the scene. The paintball wars conclude with a sexy matchup between Yann and Florian. Yann is taller, with spiky blond hair and full, sensual lips. Florian is very cute with a pierced eyebrow.Their kisses send Florian down on his teammate to deliver a nice and slow blowjob. He sucks the balls, licks the shaft and maintains eye contact as he slathers Yann's pole until he shoots several big spurts of cum.Yann returns the favor to his appreciative pal. He kisses his way up to Florian's lips and back down again to his cock. Their teasing smooches, smiles and interplay feel deliciously real. When they make love, it's Florian who fucks Yann on his back with slow, strong strokes until he erupts with a strong cumshot. And then, more kisses. Cast: Luke Hamill, Sean Berrett, Todd Rosset, Dolph Lambert, Ennio Guardi, Henri Gaudin, Jacques Briere, Florian Nemec, Colin Hewitt, Yann Tiersen

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